Adj, Adv, Archaic /ˈverelē/

truly; certainly.





Are Verily Kitchen sauce pouches recyclable?

Yes! We’ve designed innovative packaging that’s as planet-friendly as possible. Our pouches are made from an ultra-light material that has a significantly lower carbon footprint and is recyclable.

What makes Verily Kitchen sauces more nutritious?

Every ingredient we use in our sauces has been chosen for its nutrient density—and its flavour. We use High Pressure Processing (HPP) which is a cold pasteurisation technology that guarantees food safety while preserving the sauce’s nutritional content as well as its fresh taste.

How do I store my Verily Kitchen sauce?

Due to the fresh nature of our sauces, be sure to keep them refrigerated or frozen. Unopened sauces can last up to 90 days in the fridge. Each package is the perfect amount for a standard 454g box of pasta. If you have any sauce left over, store it in an airtight container and consume it within 3 days.

Where are Verily Kitchen Sauces made?

We create, process, and package our sauces in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada using locally-sourced ingredients when possible.